Audi Q5 Protected with Ceramic Coating 10H 5 Years or 300 Washing Protection Mira Road| Thane| Mumbai @Elite Car Studio

Audi Q5 Polished and Protected with Ceramic Coating in Mira Road Thane @ Elite Car studio Ceramic is a clear, liquid Coating that can be applied. After complete curing, the solutions on the surface will transform into permanent durability. Ceramic Coating can be described as an additional 5 Years or 300 Washing Protection.

This Video is Covered in Each and Every nook & corner.

Benefits: Protection against Environmental Fall out | Permanent Protection | Super Hydrophobic | Chemical Resistant | High Gloss | Self Cleaning Effect | Anti Graffiti.

We are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Protect your Vehicle paint for a lifetime! !!! If you would like us to Work on your Vehicle, Please fill out the Form & We will get in touch with you.

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Services Provided*

Ceramic Coating Detailing

Paint Job PPF (Paint protection film)

Interior Cleaning

Vehicle Modification & Basic Accessories.

Elite Car Studio

Contact no. 9967717233

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