Get Front Windshield Polish & Ceramic Coating @ RS. 2500/-

Get your car monsoon Ready @ RS.2500/-

Get Front Windshield Polish & Ceramic Coating @ RS. 2500/-

During heavy rains are you finding difficulty in viewing through the car which shield. Is there easy vision during night driving a car headlight making you your vision hamper.

Then here is the solution:

Windshield polishing is an effective way to maintain clear visibility and safety while driving. It removes minor imperfections, reduces glare, and extends the life of the windshield arrange Process: Buff on glass surface and apply Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Glass

  1. Scratch Resistance: Ceramic coatings add a layer of protection that makes the glass more resistant to scratches and minor abrasions.
  2. Hydrophobic Properties: The coating creates a hydrophobic surface, causing water to bead up and roll off easily. This is particularly useful for windshields, windows, and shower doors as it improves visibility and makes cleaning easier.
  3. UV Protection: Ceramic coatings can protect glass surfaces from UV rays, reducing the risk of damage and discoloration over time.
  4. Chemical Resistance: The coating provides resistance to chemicals and environmental contaminants, helping to maintain the clarity and integrity of the glass.
  5. Easy Cleaning: The smooth, non-stick surface created by the ceramic coating makes it easier to remove dirt, grime, and mineral deposits. This is especially beneficial for maintaining clarity in automotive windshields and home windows.
  6. Enhanced Clarity and Gloss: A ceramic coating can enhance the appearance of the glass by increasing its gloss and clarity, making it look new for longer.

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