Kia Carens के Imperial Blue Paint बचाया | PPF Full Process

Being a dark-shaded car it is important to protect it from unwanted scratches and dullness. So what better than PPF !! Its tensile strength and thickness protect from minor scratches, its self-healing feature heals swirl marks and uv rejection properties give unmatched wet gloss for a long time.

Kia Carens Protected With PPF and Graphene Coating

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✅Jopasu Duster :

✅Microfiber Cloth:

✅Car wash shampoo:

✅High-pressure washer:

✅Foam Lance:

✅Hot gun:

✅Ppf kit:

✅Measuring tape:

✅Cutter sdi:

✅Blade sdi:


✅Tyre polish:

✅Shinemate Foam Pad:

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✅iphone 14 pro max:

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