Matte PPF on Matte KIA SELTOS X line

Matte PPF on Matte KIA SELTOS X line Full Car Protected And Ceramic Coating Elite Car Studio Mumbai Installation Process Excellent Durability!

MATTE PAINT PROTECTION FILM PPF on MATTE KIA SELTOS has Advanced Protection Against Yellowing and Stains from dirt, oil, tar, and bugs. Paint Protection Film Matte Matches flat finishes and gives it a dramatic new look.

Paint Protection Film gives your car an amazing matte finish with excellent durability Car Detailing The KIA Seltos got full PPF protection, with self-healing property this is the finest PPF in the industry. this KIA Seltos is curated for superior protection with the help of professionals. Prior to wrapping it with the Paint Protection Film, the KIA Seltos has gone through various stages of Cleaning, Polishing, Compounding, Washing, and shaping every detail of the car with perfection. Our professionals are at giving the car the ultimate matte finish with excellent durability. The Paint Protection Film is a must for every car. Get it done, you won’t regret your decision.

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